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Robert Abbey bling chandelier – A bling chandelier adds glamour, glitz and sophistication to any room in the house. The addition of crystals of an ordinary lamp can change from boring to stylish. Some spiders already have holes made in advance to add crystals. Other adding washers will be needed. You can also hang crystals chains between the branches of the candlestick and decorate the curtains for an ultra glamorous.

Posted on October 23, 2022 Chandelier

Estimate how much you will need for chain crystal spider. Crystal chains come in a variety of lengths up to 40 inches long. Search online retailers for crystal. Glass Robert Abbey bling chandelier come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Choose some colors are blue, red, amber, purple, green and black. Select the clear glass or a color that coordinates with the finish of the lamp and room decor.

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Remove the lamp bulbs. If you want additional crystal of Robert Abbey bling chandelier, hang wires on each arm. Places to place more crystal would be the base and the center of each arm. Pieces of wire cut to fit around each arm of the chandelier. If the wire is a different color than the spider, paint spray paint to match. Hang the crystal chains between each arm and hold the cables.