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Nautical Ceiling Fans – Regarding the installation nautical ceiling fans, must be provided certain distances that offer security and allow maximum efficiency of the device.

Posted on October 16, 2022 Ceiling Fans

In this regard, nautical ceiling fans it must always be 2.30 / 2.40 meters from the floor. Thus, a person with outstretched arms and on tiptoe not is reached. To ensure good air circulation, the minimum distance from the ceiling must be 25 centimeters. In turn, not least 50 centimeters should separate the outer edge of the blades of the wall.

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The materials of which the blades of most ceiling fans are made in wood, steel and plastic. Wood is a warm and easy to combine with the furniture in the room material. However, it may be deformed by heat and humidity. It is advisable to choose this material for outdoor spaces or kitchen. Normally, wood is laminated type. Of the three, this is the weaker material. See some image of nautical ceiling fans modern 2017 for inspiration your home.