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Track lighting heads – Track lighting is available in both standard house current and low voltage models. Wide range of fixture types includes pendant lights, spotlights and stylish lamps hung on rods that can be bent into shapes. With right type of lamps and fixtures, track lighting controlled by dimmer switches. Track lighting attach directly to ceiling pieces. For some heavy games, additional grid support wires required.

Posted on October 9, 2022 Home Lighting

With a dramatic change from a source philosophy of interior lighting, track lighting heads allows for multiple fixtures to distribute light throughout room. To provide a number of angles for lighting, track lighting design involves use of 8:58 (or more) fixtures positioned on a track installed in ceiling. Ability to easily adjust angle of focus where you want to allow a number of artistic possibilities: focusing a light on a mantle where seasonal flowers are placed, highlight artwork, fabric or tapestry wall art, and provide light for utilitarian items such as coat hangers and mirrors.

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While very effective when used in addition to track lighting heads, a single light in a paper lantern or other decorative fixture has a big impact on mood of a room, depending on what level you suppress it. Be aware when choosing your bulbs and lamps that not all bulbs are dimmable (especially if you are considering FCL fluorescent lamps). Creative options for mood lighting include purchasing high color temperature rose-tinted, or “flesh pink” bulbs to inspire a warmer hue to a specific room.