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Capiz shell chandelier – There was a time when we think only as large crystal lamp and lighting fixtures decorated glass that has been produced from wood, wrought iron, bronze and brass. However, craftsmen Philippines debunked this belief when they create elegant lighting fixture utilizing materials that have been harvested from the seas around the islands of the Philippines. Capiz shell chandelier is the name of this lamp.

Posted on October 11, 2022 Chandelier

Many lovers of chandeliers have described capiz shell chandelier is as like having a piece of the beach right in your own home, simply because the main decoration of lamps made of shells. materials commonly used in the making of this chandelier including oyster shell window glass and mother-of-pearl, harvested by craftsmen Capiz town of shallow beach that surrounds the island of Panay.

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To capiz shell chandelier be considered authentic, it must be made completely out of capiz shells (or with a mixture of sea-derived ingredients other Filipino). Even if the lights are already considered quite cheap by many people who have bought it, those who cannot afford on their shoestring budget, instead, go for the imitation Capiz shell chandeliers that have shaped piece of PVC for decoration. However, these faux chandeliers cannot duplicate the soft translucent capiz shells of thin paper, so make Capiz chandeliers as truly one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures.