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Belt Driven Ceiling Fans – The air around us is in a state of matter called gas. Each experiment with a fan is actually an experiment with this state of the art, and it will show how a gas behaves. As liquid such as milk or water, gas are fluid, in the sense that take the form of any container that has But unlike liquids, gases expand to fit any vessel are – as a small cloud of smoke dissipates in a large room. Fans are simply solid sheets used to propel a Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

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fan, such as a belt driven ceiling fans air parallel to its axis. This fan can be built in the country with different levels of difficulty. Children can enter the gaps blades cut adult stiff paper on a cork. Attach a skewer like a cork board

The air around us is transparent, but fans can show us how molecules act of this air pushes against the objects we see. This science can be belt driven ceiling fansby something as simple as a stick to burn small piece of paper and stirring in a second dry leaf. The blade moves, demonstrating how the fan pushes air, creating wind.