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Outdoor Recessed Lighting – Recessed lighting is a fun and smart way to update your home. In addition, it can be relatively easy and affordable. Recessed lighting offers a clean, crisp look that traditional bulky accessories cannot get enough. Use it in almost any room and the exterior of your home, like a porch. Once known the lighting effect you are going for, you can purchase the appropriate accessories, bulbs and trim.

Posted on September 30, 2022 Home Lighting

Recessed lights work especially well with other accessories. For your living room, use recessed lighting over your dining table, along with a chandelier or ceiling fan. Recessed lighting can be used over a bathroom vanity, bathroom mirror, bathtub or shower. Use a wet setting for outdoor and swim with outdoor recessed lighting. Use built along the perimeter of your study or family room lighting. Consider using recessed lighting in hallways or deep bedroom closets.

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Accessories are available in 4, 5 and 6 inches. Six inches accessories are best suited for high hallways or entryways. Accessories four inches are ideal for small spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The larger your accessory is, will have more space between each light. Adjustment must be adapted to the amount of light you want in a particular room and decor. White or black trim deflector is popular choices. For most light, choose white. Black adjustment will reduce some of the light. If your ceilings are inclined, consider the slope adjustment, which allows you to adjust the light beam so that it faces down. In addition, the types of bulbs include fluorescent lighting, illumination of high intensity discharge, incandescent lighting, low pressure sodium and solar outdoor recessed lighting. Incandescent bulbs are a common and relatively inexpensive option.