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Blown glass pendant lights – The chandeliers better light than those with fabric shade, stick with any style and not get tired of them. You can find them clear glass, colored, minimalist, classic, rustic, … We have made a selection of the ones we like, What do you prefer?

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Hanging lamps Simon Pearce of clean modern lines are handmade by master glass makers. Blown glass pendant lights modern, they can go alone or in a group, there are many different ways to choose from. The Niche Modern hanging lamps are designed by Jeremy Pyles. Each piece is made with hand-blown glass. The lamps have a modern line shapes with classic design. There are different shapes and colors and are perfect to put them in group.

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Capsian Grande is a lamp produced by Tech Lighting, a company specializing in systems of low voltage lighting company, innovative in design and technology. Caspian, Moroccan-inspired lamp glass is blown by Italian craftsmen. Blown glass pendant lights caspian available in 2 colors.

Install an Art Blown Glass Pendant Lights

Blown glass pendant lights – If your old lamp seem dated, a new art blown glass pendant lights give your room an instant face lift. Because of the fragile nature of blown glass, avoid knock shadow against hard surfaces during and after installation. If you put the light on an island table or vanity, allow a minimum of 30 inches between the bottom of the pendant and counter top. Manage shade with care, every time you change the bulb; if the glass swings and hits another pendant, the shadow will shatter.

To install a blown glass pendant lights, disconnect the power supply to the lamp at the breaker box. Flip the light switch to confirm that you cut the power, or use a circuit tester. Remove the existing light fixture. Unscrew the wire nuts; connect the power supply to the fixture. Remove any extra hardware, including additional brackets. Install bar flat mounting with screws if the manufacturer included a bar. Connect the power supply wires to the wires to your new fixture. White connects to white and black connects to black.

Check your blown glass pendant lights to ensure that your glass screen is detached from the tube to prevent breakage during installation. Put your new fixture for ceiling box using the screws in the package. Push the excess wires in the box ceiling. Adjust the length of the cord to your preferred height and mount the cover plate.  Insert the bulb and attach glass screen, handle with care. Turn the power supply back on at the breaker box. Flip light switch to test the compounds wires. If the light does not work, double-check your wiring connections. If the light remains inoperable and the circuit breaker is on, you may have a faulty light.