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Ceiling Fans For Low Ceilings– since the first item on the list of priorities in the reform is the plaster on the ceiling, I took the measures and came across a small problem: the ceiling height (measured from floor to ceiling) is only 2.53 m I not be able to lower the ceiling for recessed lighting theme went back pretty upset home and started flipping through some magazines

Posted on October 6, 2022 Ceiling Fans

The construction go saving ceiling fans for low ceilings material and delivering the right foot with the minimum required by law that is 2.50 m for social or private areas and 2.30 m for the bathrooms. Only this way is complicated lowering the ceiling as would an effect “claustrophobic” in the environment. The plaster facilitates the passage of plumbing, piping and electrical conduit

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Let’s assume that even though the right foot would decrease from 2.53 m to 2.38 m (if I chose the drywall 15cm) I could not do this in every apartment is the feeling would not actually be stifling. Agree? Now I’m in this dilemma and need to solve this faster than others because soon will be with the keys ceiling fans for low ceilings in hand!