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Murano Glass Chandelier – As real champagne comes only from the Champagne region of France is genuine Murano glass made only in Murano in Italy. Murano, an island off the coast of Venice, is an old trading port and by the tenth century, was known for his glass makers. Purity of materials such as gold and silver foil, more colors and skill of glass artists combine to make Murano glass distinctiveness.

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Murano glass chandelier.  The glass is made of quartz, soda ash, lime, and potassium is heated to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Glassblowing, a skill passed from master to apprentice in Murano, depends on the skill, art and experience to shape the molten glass using scissors, wooden paddles and pliers. Murano is known for its deep, rich color, which is obtained by adding minerals such as zinc, cobalt and manganese in the glass. Multicolored glazing techniques are another specialty of Murano glass makers.

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Sort of Murano glass chandelier : Using ancient techniques to create Murano glass artists special types of glass used in chandeliers and other products. Metal particles encased in glass provide a flickering look in aventurine glass. Is glass or ghiaccio, is made by immersing the hot glass in cold water, and produces a cracked surface. Chalcedony has multi-colored veins running through dark-colored glasses. Glass with evenly distributed air bubbles in it is called Bullicante and was common in the 1950s.