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Chrome floor lamp – Lighting is one of the most important aspects when designing our house, will determine a dingy, dark room can become a full of life and color space. The queen par excellence is the natural light, nothing like make the most of the sun’s rays to illuminate our home, even using large mirrors and windows that reflect all the brightness of the outside light. Who he has never wanted to live in an apartment with large windows in which clarity might rein everywhere, but much to our regret is always necessary inevitably to artificial light.

Posted on October 16, 2022 Lamp Ideas

However, when defining what will be the points of light always we tend to place chandeliers. It is true that is most comfortable if we seek to capitalize on the space, but this option is often not entirely comfortable us because each activity requires a different type of lighting. Among ceiling lamps, impersonal light, or table, too focal…. Heading the winning chrome floor lamp, which represent the best of each of these types of lighting?

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Arch Chrome Floor LampSize: 1024 x 1024

Chrome Floor Lamp HomeSize: 915 x 581

Chrome Floor Lamp IdeasSize: 1024 x 688

Chrome Floor Lamp SizeSize: 990 x 886

Chrome Floor Lamp TwinSize: 990 x 782

Leaving aside the minimalist and modern mainstream, our next proposal seeks to reinvent the traditional chrome floor lamp. This design incorporates a second source ideal to suit our needs light. When illuminate a space with ambient light this stylish lamp offers two very practical alternatives thanks to its two screens located at different heights.