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Arched floor lamp has become popular in recent years and is now indispensable in decoration design and minimalist. These lamps are forming a semicircle and are as hanging, perfect for illuminating a reading area for example. Price of original model, although not as high as before, remain prohibitive for ordinary pockets, but thanks to low cost era in which we live, are very similar Arco lamp designs at cheaper prices. In market there are many similar arched floor lamp designs, but lamps that mimic original perfection of Castiglioni not that gifting, you have to scratch your pocket, because furniture design are unique and that must be paid.

Posted on October 30, 2022 Lamp Ideas

First we have this official reproduction and certified Arco lamp. Has some details and some simply perfect finish, level of play is very high at a much cheaper than official Castiglioni lamp, price only 161 €. Other option is cheaper, but we see that is not exactly like original design. It is a lamp in form of standard arched floor lamp but also very beautiful, and more normal to see in houses it is more affordable, worth € 108. Main difference is that base is marble, and focus is instead of aluminum white color.

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Arched Floor Lamp BaseSize: 640 x 424

Arched Floor Lamp DesignSize: 900 x 1026

Arched Floor Lamp InfoSize: 600 x 600

Chic Arched Floor LampSize: 1024 x 682

Cool Arched Floor LampSize: 1024 x 768

Ideas Arched Floor LampSize: 1626 x 1800

Stylish and Versatile Arched Floor Lamp

Arched floor lamp – When we decorate the rooms of our house, we do not pursue only the functionality, but also seek to achieve effects and sensations that convey warmth and comfort. On the issue of lighting, lamp type is definitely more lights ceiling lamps, since their light reaches equally to all corners. However, with a floor lamp we create a more localized light source that will create a warm and welcoming space there where the lamp is. They are ideal for use in the bedroom or light in the lounge and reading lamp.

In recent years, the design and appearance of the have undergone many changes. The increasing use of stainless steel and other modern materials and high quality favors a much more self – assured and actual results in the lamp. Today, arched floor lamp is both stylish and versatile time, so it can be easily integrated in different environments and styles of decoration.

Arched floor lamp is usually quite large, especially at the top of the lamp where the light is projected. For this reason, it is important that the foot is robust enough to offset the excess weight. In addition, the lamp base is usually cable access output, so must meet the safety requirements concerning electricity.