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Ceiling fan light covers – When choosing ceiling fans for your home you must evaluate important factors like the space area, the force of ventilation, if you want with lighting, among other aspects. Determine if you will install a fan in an indoor or outdoor area, as the design and construction of indoor ceiling fans is different from the exterior. Both fans outdoor use as indoor use can be used indoors. However, indoor use should never be used outdoors to avoid damage to the engine and blades.

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Wet outdoor areas, spaces like terraces and patios require ceiling fan light covers that support moisture and have equipment stainless steel electrical elements sealed against moisture and blades resistant to all weather. Your fan is a complement in the decoration of your home. Use the features, the furniture and your needs as inspiration to choose the most appropriate.

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Decorative ceiling fan light covers not only do they ventilate your spaces, but they illuminate them. Choose between different finishes, styles and materials that have ambient lamps (to decorate) or direct (to carry out activities) to illuminate. Opts for led light for longer duration and optimal energy saving. Find the most suitable mounting option for your fan according to the height of your ceiling.

Installing Ceiling Fan Light Covers

Installing a new ceiling fan light covers instead of the existing ceiling light is easier than you think project. The fan unit is generally connected in the same manner and the light is controlled by the same switch wall. If the fan has a light, then switch wall will provide power to the motor and light, with switches on the fan itself further allowing you to activate one or the other. Not necessarily have to replace the switch on the wall when installing the fan, but it’s a good time to do so.

Locate the mounting bracket that comes with the ceiling fan. Mount it with the screws. Wrap the wire stripping box ground screw on green ground in support copper. Put the ceiling fan light covers as indicated in the instructions. Connect the wires by color (white to white, black to black). If the fan has light included, there will be a blue wire should be connected to the two blacks. Make Connection holding bare ends close together and screwing them together cover cables. Lift the ceiling fan light covers to the ceiling and secure it to the bracket with the screws provided. Connect power and test the motor.