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Plug in Pendant Light – A hanging lamp you can position the light over a specific portion of a room. This can be very useful if you move furniture or start too often to use an area and require a good overhead lighting. In order to create a more flexible pendant lamp, to be converted in a plug-in lamp. This will also allow taking a beneficiary pendant when you change residences. Making a slight conversion is not as complicated as you might think.

Posted on October 17, 2022 Pendant Light

Convert a plug in pendant light; Turn off power to the lamp at the box breaker. Tape a caution sign on the box, so that no one will be on the panel while you are working with electricity. Place a ladder under the pendant fixture and use a screwdriver to remove the canopy. The wires from the fixture will be confirmed to the house wires with plastic caps. Remove the plastic caps and separate the wires. Screw one threaded cap on each bare wire. Screw any other screws securing the hanger to the ceiling electrical box.

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Place the lamp on a table. Open a bulb kit in-cord switch. Separate the last centimeter of the wire with the aid of a knife. Adjust the thread colors. Insert the two wires of the same color together and twist the stripped ends over each other. A screw cap thread over the two ends, until the cap is tight. Repeat for the second wire. Wrap both wires with electrical tape so that the caps are covered. Raise your luminaries into a wall outlet and test the light. Turn it into the cord switch to turn the plug in pendant light on and off.