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Antler chandelier – When people want to improve their homes or decorating a room can always use lights horns that will do the trick. The reason why this particular lamp can be the perfect choice to enhance the artistic value of this room because it was very unique and somehow exudes a cozy and homely atmosphere. Not only is it good for home decor and style, still work well as a light source. As the name suggests, antler chandeliers from deer antlers. They come from North American deer, elk, fallow deer, or moose; Depending on the size and color. Most small and mid-corner pretty.

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If they are made to chandelier lighting, manufacturers have to use quite a lot of corners to develop a single lamp. But if they use the antler Moose, you need to use two or three antler chandelier. Homeowners who want to decorate their homes can choose different natural colors that gets along well with the decor of your home. If they like the tone is darker, they can choose, moose antlers. If you like reddish tones, you can choose antlers. Antlers fallow or Mule can also come in lighter colors.

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Amazing Antler ChandelierSize: 1000 x 1000

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Wheel Antler ChandelierSize: 1000 x 1000

Antler luster is better to give a rustic atmosphere, the timber into the room where it is installed. If the room already has an atmosphere and wood cabins with corner lights will certainly add to the comfort. As already mentioned, the decor is typical of providing and provide cozy and warm feeling for residents and for visitors. Homeowners do not need to add more home furnishings and decorations, if they have some kind of chandeliers. However, the antler chandelier which is a big breeding ground for mold, and fungi, as this is usually made of wood. If people want to make sure that their antler can take a long time without causing any health problems that require regular light air.

Amazing Antler Chandeliers

Antler chandeliers – Want to know how to build an antler lamp? Task is much easier than you think. Soon, you will have amazing feature lighting store only costs you less expensive to buy chandeliers. Here is all you need to know to build their own chandeliers.

Wooden houses and rustic farmhouses need a special kind of furniture and a chandelier horns can actually carry out outdoors. Combined with a dining table and rustic natural colors, a antler chandeliers makes a statement about how people live. However, these lamps can be hundreds of dollars. With a little time and simple tools, you can transform your horns on a chandelier.

A spider can do almost all stages of size, and whether they have broken tips, you can cut part away. Shed antlers or horns are removed from animals each year, it is ideal and you can even use artificial horns with same results. Although deer antler chandeliers are most common lighting, moose and elk it can be used as well. However, at least four horns similarly needed, and to some extent this will determine size of light. Need to mount lamp material is a chandelier lamp kit, a jig saw or a table saw, drill and epoxy taxidermy. Wear a respirator and safety glasses when cutting horns and wearing latex gloves when using epoxy.