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Dual Ceiling Fan Ideas – Today’s ceiling fans are now styled to match room themes.  There are tropical ceiling fans, rustic ceiling fans, contemporary ceiling fans, even fans designed specifically with kids in mind.  There are so many styles to choose from these days that the in-the-know decorator understands that a ceiling fan is no longer considered an eye sore.  With so many designer ceiling fans today, now more than ever, the room revolves around the ceiling fan.

Posted on September 29, 2022 Ceiling Fans

Of all the styles in today’s market, not many fans will catch a person’s eye and strike up a conversation like dual ceiling fan, or double ceiling fans will.  The Twin Star II from Gulf-Coast Fans is an oversized dual motor fan that allows for different motor angles into the room, so they can be set to individual tastes.  The fan’s body comes in four finish choices, Antique Bronze, Brushed Steel, Antique Brass, and Oil Rubbed Bronze (Gulf-Coast calls it Weathered Brick).  Blade choices are seemingly endless with twenty-two blade sets made specifically for the Twin Star II, and custom options allowing for blade designs from other fans to be transferred over to this dual ceiling fan.  There is even an optional down rod scroll that can be added to give the fan body a more elegant look.  The Twin Star II should be should be seriously considered for anyone wanting to install a new unique ceiling fan in any large room with high ceilings.

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There is smaller dual ceiling fan too, such as the Faraday II by Ellington Fans, the Mustang II by TroposAir, and Vaxcel’s AireRyder Eclipse II.  These three are unique ceiling fans because each fan’s two motors gyro around the center point of the fans which throws air into the room at a 360° angle. The Mustang II and Faraday II are approved for damp locations which mean they can be used as outdoor ceiling fans.  Being that both of these models are two fans in one makes them a great choice for outdoor areas where typically more airflow is desired.