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Basement ceiling options – Often the basement is the least used part of the house, although it is ideal for making as living space for the family. No matter what stage of completion is, few aggregates simple and construction projects will transform dark and dingy basements in bright and comfortable environments. Among the most important aspects of building is the style basement ceiling options. Since basements tend to have lower ceilings than the upper parts of the house, a wrong choice can make the space is perceived as too small.

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A floating or suspended basement ceiling options is a design that is placed under the main or structural ceiling. In addition, all ducts, pipes and cables are accessing simple; in the case of pipes that filter, the replacement process will only require removing and replacing only those bad sectors, which is much simpler and cheaper than repairing drywall.

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Among the materials for walls and ceilings most widely used in modern construction is the drywall. This product combines gypsum pressed between two thick sheets of cardboard, and generally easy to apply, durable and easy to maintain, but its installation requires some practice. Once installed, you can paint or paper; or, as their natural color is white, is ideal for basements ceiling options because they need other materials.