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Ceiling fan wiring – A ceiling fan is used to move the air in a room. Many ceiling fans contain lights that can be controlled by a chain or a wall switch. When a ceiling fan is connected to an electrical box, often three or four wires of different colors in the box corresponding to an identical cable into the fan. Each cable serves a different purpose, and it is important to connect each wire correctly to avoid shock hazards such as electrical or fire.

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The black ceiling fan wiring on the inside of the electrical box is known as the “hot” wire. This cable carries power to the ceiling fan (and sometimes the lights). The corresponding cable in the ceiling fan provides power to the fan motor, and is connected through a chain terminator to control the fan speed. If a fan uses a pull chain switch to operate the lights installed on it, this cable also provides power for lights.

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Ceiling fan wiring an electrical box can contain a cable having a sheath of green insulation or any insulation at all. This is the ground wire. Appliances usually have a ground wire for security reasons; if the fan produces a short circuit or other electrical fault, this cable dissipates electric current driving her to the ground. This action causes a safety device, such as a circuit breaker to trip, depriving the power device. The corresponding cable in a ceiling fan is green.