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Pendant light shade – Pendant lighting (ie, suspenders or droppers) is a slight function suspended from the ceiling by a chain or rod. It is often considered a good source of task lighting with placing a kitchen island or bar area. Pendant lighting comes in a variety of colors, shapes and styles. Ideas for kitchen pendant lights are virtually limitless. A favorite choice for kitchens pendant light shade is made of brushed nickel and pewter pendants. These materials add function and flare to a kitchen. Place a large counterpart of light on a round or oval kitchen table, or hang a series of three smaller lights in a row above a table rectangle about 30 to 40 inches above the table top. Choose a metal which corresponds to the hardware on the cabinet’s whole look to pull together.

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Embossed or hand blown glass pendant light shade offer an interesting design feature for a contemporary kitchen. Each of these styles provides an element of texture to help complete a more refined look. Place a single hand-blown glass pendant light over the sink in a bright color, like blue or orange. Two or more embossed glass outline lights of the same color, or hang a countertop or kitchen island frame. Another option for a modern kitchen has a stone light function, such as alabaster, which transmits light, creating a soft glow. These pendants work well to highlight worksheets or another design element in the kitchen.

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Stylish Drum Shade Pendant Light

Pendant light shades – Apartment Therapy recommends using a drum shade pendant light to equalize wide furniture pieces or as a substitute for the feminine and sometimes overly formal chandelier. Save money on your drum shade pendant light by creating a do-it-yourself (DIY) version of hanging lamp. Create a drum pendant light shades, before plug less end of the lamp cord through the top center hole in the drum shade. Strip the insulation from the last centimeter of the plug less end. Pull the two insulated wires apart during the recently exposed wires, splitting them apart several inches. Tie the two ends of the wire together solved directly over the paused splitting. Remove the connector cover. Drag drum shade back over the base configuration and allow the plug to rest inside the drum shade.

Cut your fabric circle. Remove banding around the bottom of the drum shade; be careful to keep it intact. Glue around the bottom edge of the shade. Lay the fabric right side down and then set the glued end of the drum shade over it, centering it directly over the fabric circle. About 1/4-inch border of fabric on the shade, and then stick to the border with the lower sides of the shades. Allow the glue to dry before continuing. Adhesive band back to its original position. Using a stud finder, locate a ceiling and screw the hook in the ceiling. Hang your DIY pendant light shades lamp from this area.