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Dining room lighting ideas – Plenty already know the importance of lighting in the home. An appropriate light become common rooms in charming rooms and, conversely, stays with an elaborate design will be destroyed with poor lighting. Like all other places of the house, the dining room is important to know where to locate the main focus of light. Not worth to install fixtures wherever we have space, if we truly impressive results we pay attention to the site, at the height of the lamp or the light intensity. It is advisable to place bulbs that emit light as natural as possible and show the true colors of the food. As we have shown in previous books of ideas, the lamps are in the market today have evolved into multifunctional parts: light, complement the decor and many are authentic pieces of art that decorate our house.

Posted on November 3, 2022 Home Lighting

Today we want to show dining room lighting ideas so that you appreciate yourselves the magnificent sets that can be created with a little imagination and good taste. Illuminate the table. Leisure Home signs the large table of this bright room. It is an extensible console that save space and enjoy a large dining table when visits are available. The combination of colorful chairs, table and lamp has captivated us and is very appropriate. Experts recommend placing a light that illuminates well the table, after all what is important is to see what we got to the mouth.

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Set point. We present the lower floor of a townhouse of the 80 on this floor dining room, living room; kitchen, master bedroom, a toilet and garage are located. The two lights we see in the foreground play a dual role: on one hand, illuminate the passageway of the stairs, and on the other give birth to the dining table. In the picture you can see how the cable of one of the two is somewhat longer than the other, it is thus achieved that one of the two foci is positioned at the optimum height to properly dining room lighting ideas.

Avoid inappropriate shadows. In the dining room we need a clear light, but that does not bother the eyes or create glare or glare. Also try to avoid shadows on the dishes or inadequate on the faces of diners. To achieve adequate coverage and avoid the problems that I just described intend that the lights are suspended about 75 cm above the board. Then adjusted height depending on the model and size of the lamp and the characteristics of the table.