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Foyer pendant lighting – Foyer of your house is usually first part of interior of your home that customers see. To give right first impression, right kind of hallway lighting is needed. When you consider all options available for lighting fixtures lobby, you realize that you can take time to find accessories that suit your home décor and set right first impression.

Posted on October 14, 2022 Home Lighting

Hang a chandelier or foyer pendant lighting pendant lighting fixture hall of a foyer with a high ceiling. You can still use these ideas lighting if your roof is not dramatically high, as long as there is no risk of high friends and family members who hit their heads on fixture. Look for antique chandeliers and hanging lamps in flea markets and antique shops, depending on theme of lobby.

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Foyer pendant lighting is decorative and functional. You can hang pendant lights in different heights to provide illumination throughout hall and up flights of stairs to go into hall as well. Not only can be used pendant lighting to illuminate entrance area of ​​hall, but also can be placed on screen elements, such as wall art or table shows to highlight items for people when they enter your home.