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Motion activated porch light – Starting with turn off the current switch. Remove the original lighting fixtures with a screwdriver. Screw a wire nut without touching the exposed end of the thread. Point the tip of a contactless voltage tester to the exposed end of the wire. If the tester is activated, then immediately stop work and return to the circuit breaker and turn off more switches to ensure that the power is cut to the lighting fixture.

Posted on October 31, 2022 Lighting Ideas

Remove the second wire nut and pull the light fixture out of the porch wall. Consider the height and location of lighting fixture prior to installation. For a light junction box that is more than six meters off the porch. Install fixture with motion activated porch light in the bottom of the league to make sure it will be activated by motion. Lower inventory can be hung with the motion sensor on either the top or bottom.

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Match the white thread in the league with the white wire to the porch and wrap the fixture wire clockwise around the exposed end of the veranda’s white wire. Screw nut wire over the end of the wire to completely cover the exposed end. Attach the new motion activated porch light fixture with a screwdriver and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Turn the knob by screwing in a light bulb and keep the light switch in the “On” position to let your light to be activated.