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Birdcage chandelier – Select a location to harvest spider birdcage chandelier, ideally a place where already installed base lighting installation. If the lamp has a lid, remove it to expose the bulb. Why the cage extends no more light, you may also want to consider switching to a lower wattage bulb. Measure the length and width of the bottom of the bird cage with a tape or ruler to determine the center and make a pencil mark measurement. Measure the diameter of the bulb socket in the ceiling and cut a hole centered on the pencil mark on the bottom of the cage with a circular saw.

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Screw four L-brackets to the bottom of the cage, one on each corner. Place the brackets, so that the vertical side of each bracket is flush with the side of the birdcage chandelier and the horizontal side extends from the cage, level with the bottom of the cage.

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Remove the overhead bulb socket, if you have not already, and keep the birdcage chandelier upside down on the ceiling so that the plug fits into the hole cut in the bottom of the cage. You may need to climb a ladder and someone to help with this step.