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How To Identify Tiffany Floor Lamp – An original Tiffany floor lamp considered an antique, and will have a high price tag. However, Tiffany floor lamp replicas are available in many higher end furniture stores and online. You should only purchase these bulbs from a reputable dealer, because the style is difficult to copy.

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Instructions to identify Tiffany floor lamp; become familiar with the features of the Tiffany shade: irregularly on the top and bottom of the shadow of the shadow; irregular on the bottom of the shadow only; geometric; flowered globe; flowered cone and the transition to flowers. Familiarize yourself with popular designs. These included shades with blue dragonflies with purple and red wings, jeweled eyes on a blue-green background; multicolored shades of wisteria, vines and flowers; and floral motifs.

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Red Tiffany Floor LampSize: 800 x 720

Tiffany Floor LampSize: 800 x 724

Next steps to identify Tiffany floor lamp; check the original paper labels, and Tiffany signatures pressed into the metal rim shades. These signatures are usually signed “Tiffany Studios.” Note that these brands are often rigged. Look for a model number on both the lamp base and shade. Each lamp and shade had a model number, make filling easy controls. Check patina or an old dark look, the first between the pieces of glass. Tiffany added patina artists when they made the pieces. Look for a large enough bases to contain the oil. The first Tiffany lamp burnt oil and no electricity. Tiffany bases were brass.

Tiffany Floor Lamps Nice Decoration

Tiffany floor lamps – tiffany lamps, Tiffany lamps always symbolize originality, style and elegance. The key to this success has always been the warm colors, the original reasons and penalty execution. The lamps are now manufactured with a variety of reasons, shapes, colors, and quality and are sold throughout the world. Tiffany lamps are not only created to illuminate the environment, but also to impart a nice decoration for furniture.

The main house has three floors, including facilities such as the Great Room, library mezzanine, dining room, kitchen, two bars and leisure facilities on the banks of rivers. The decor is luxurious with tiffany floor lamps and oriental rugs. All accommodations are spacious and many have fireplaces and hand-stone balconies or patios, as well as the Great Room and the two restaurants.

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