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Low voltage deck lighting is useful for lighting hallways, and can add interest when used to highlight the architecture of your home. Measure the height of the control box land and cut a piece of PVC pipe grade outdoor length. Dig a trench that is 1 foot long and 6 inches deep below the control box. Pass the cable control box through the PVC pipe and pipe support so that its base is in the trench. Attach the tubing to the structure of the control box with pipe straps.

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Run the cable from the end of the PVC pipe and put it out over the area you want the lights go out, the cable extends to the location of the low voltage deck lighting. Press cuttings lights’ on the floor in their final positions with the cable. Make sure all the lights can reach the cable when in place.

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Connect the control box on the GFCI receptacle. Dig a trench 6-8 inches with a shovel along the cable route. Move the cable to dig lest they see with the shovel. Dig trenches from the low voltage deck lighting to the cable connectors and connector caps to fit in. Press the cable and connectors of light inside the trench with a wooden ruler or plastic. Cover with soil and tamp cord.

Low Voltage Deck Lights

Low voltage deck lights – A deck can be the perfect place for entertaining, especially after the sun goes. For many people the main source of deck lighting is a light mounted on the housing. There are many types of decking lights and each row puts a unique touch of style. For not extremely dangerous to work, choose the lights with low voltage for your deck.

If you just want to brighten the edge of a road, patio, or deck, uses the globe lighting. Low voltage lighting fixtures are great for installing the railings or seating and creates sift, diffused light, but provides enough light to see go. Low voltage lights can be used with timers. So if you need this feature, low voltage lighting powered deck is an ideal option for you. If you just want to brighten the edge of a road, patio, or deck, uses the globe lighting.

Unlike standard voltage lighting, the low voltage deck lights not require much power for the system. That is additional components in a low voltage system, but the wire running to lights is smaller in diameter and lighter to install. The main component of low voltage deck lighting is transformation. Transformation takes a standard housing voltage and reduces the voltage required to power the installed lighting. The main type of decking light falling into this category is LED decking lights.