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Recessed lighting placement – if you want to add a modern, bright touch to a room in your home, recessed lighting is a great option. Recessed lighting fixtures are embedded in ceiling, so appearance of a direct glow from ceiling minus bulbs, lampshades or other lighting hardware. Popular applications of recessed lighting in a kitchen accent, task and flood lighting, depending on interior of room

Posted on September 30, 2022 Home Lighting

Accent lighting concentrates recessed lighting in an area so that attention immediately pulled in that direction. Recessed lighting placement around peripheral space where artworks are hung or your favorite furniture accessories. A significant advantage of using recessed lighting is that it doubles as a spotlight to an object, creating a dramatic presentation of your device. If there are items on display above your cabinets, add recessed lighting to bring this often dim room to life.

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Lights arranged for a specific function such as cooking, reading or walking is generally called task lighting. Kitchen work lamps are usually placed over an island in middle of room or another food prep area. If you have an eat-in kitchen, you would also place a series of high-intensity recessed lights above your dining table. If you recessed lighting placement of a formal dining room table, you can add a layer or tray ceilings, which is slightly lower than ceiling, usually in form of a square. Install recessed lights in bottom tray fully illuminate space around table.