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Chandelier lights for dining room need not made from glass or crystal. And therefore does not need to take down for extensive cleaning when the glass gets dusty. Instead, design and make a distinctive chandelier using recycled materials. Holding real candles instead of having to connected to the mains. This chandelier is functional as well as unusual. Especially during winter, when electricity may be affected by the weather, and it spreads interesting light and shadow in the room.

Posted on October 8, 2022 Lighting Ideas

Chandelier lights for dining room, scale tire from the bicycle wheel and remove the inner tube; recycle them. Clean and polish the wheel and spokes, remove the rust stains with a pot scourer and protect the metal with a touch of penetrating oil. Use bolt cutter to cut three lengths 18 inches each, of 2.5 galvanized chain to hang the chandelier; this allows for a maximum weight of 30 kg. Attach a carabiner at three equidistant points around the rim, and attaching a length of chain to each carabiner.

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Registration the second ends of the chain lengths to a central carabiner. Measure the distance between the ceiling and the point where you will hang the chandelier lights for dining room from the top carabiner, and dual measurement. Cutting the length of the chain and to double. Then, attach both ends of the chain to the central carabiner.