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LED flood light fixtures – If you necessity to illuminate a large outdoor area, LED flood lights are worth a look. They provide a bright light that is suitable for most lighting applications as well as a cost-effective and planet-friendly alternative to traditional halogen spotlights. LED flood projectors are used for various purposes including home exteriors, unique architectural details and drawings, holiday decorations and outdoor events. If you are into sports, you can install them up to basketball hoop in the driveway for a night game, or put lights on the poles to illuminate a tennis court for night games

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There are two types of common use of the lamps of the projectors: halogen and light emitting diodes. LED bulbs are long lasting, lasting up to 50 times longer than halogen lamps, but they also cost more. LED flood light fixtures are used for flood light purposes should be much brighter than the LEDs used in the chain of lights or track lights.

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Because they need high power LED flood light fixtures for the same output as halogen lights, they are more expensive after purchase. However, even though they cost more initially, very long LED lifespan will more than offset the initial cost over time.  In addition to long life, flood lights are powered by free solar energy from the sun, which means that there is no expense for the purchase of electricity from the local power grid.