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Wall mount light fixture – Installing a new lamp on a wall is usually a simple matter of removing the existing lamp and inserts the new accessory in the electrical circuit in place. In most households, who have to deal with only three wires? Once you have the new light in place, it will operate the same wall switch that controls the old appliance. Make sure the base of your new device is at least as wide as the previous one, so you will not have to touch up the paint around the fitting.

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Install a wall mount light fixture, Turn off the electricity to the room in the house circuit box. Loosen the screws holding the old electrical appliance to the wall, floor to expose the wires coming out of the electrical box behind him. Disconnect the cables between the device and the box. Leave the ends of bare wires hanging out of the box. Keep the mounting plate included with the new fixture to the electrical box. Align the screw holes on the plate to face the electrical box. Use the supplied screws to fix the plate in place. Pull the cable ends out around the plate.

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Wall mount light fixture, Wrap the ground wire bare copper box around the green ground screw on the plate. Tighten the screw. Hold the new accessory near the electrical box. Hold the lamp black cable with the black box cable, and twist a plastic cap on the two at a time, turning in a clockwise sense and completely sealed. Set the device against the mounting plate and align the screw holes for fixing the plate. Use the supplied screws to mount the device to the plate. Put a bulb in the lamp. Turn on the power.