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Low profile ceiling fan – Today’s ceiling fan design makes it possible to install these devices in homes with standard height ceilings. There are many options, and install one where a light fixture now exists is not that difficult to do. Things you should Deals Low profile ceiling fan. Be sure to read and follow all instructions included with the fan and fan support bandage, which may differ from the instructions here.

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Providing local rules allow you to perform minor electrical. Follow safe ladder use guidelines. Practice safe lifting techniques. Follow manufacturer’s low profile ceiling fan instructions for safe use of the tools needed to accomplish this task. Turn off the power to the circuit feeding the existing ceiling light. Remove the existing light fixture. Remove existing electricity box.

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If low profile ceiling fan existing hole must be extended, simply select and cut the ceiling with a drywall saw, taking note of any wiring in the ceiling to avoid damaging it. Install the fan support bandage, securing it firmly in place between ceiling beams and adapt the electrical box attached to the ceiling hole. Install the fan-mounting bracket supplied with your new fan. Turn the camera on again by the switch. Test your new fan for proper operation and enjoy your new ceiling fan.