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Outdoor flood light fixtures – The box fitting for flood lights must be installed safely, due to the weight of fixtures. Outline where you want the box fixture to go and drill a 1½-inch hole through the wall crack. Fish cable from the switch location to this location. You may need the electrician’s fish tape for this. Tighten the cable to the box fixture with a cable clamp and secure the box on the wall.

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Wire Switch and outdoor flood light fixtures. Now you can connect the wires in the box switch. Connect the white wire from the incoming and outgoing cables with a wire connector. Now Connect the black hot wires to the terminals on the switch. If a grounding screw provided, connect the two copper ground wires and install a pigtail to the switch. Follow the instructions with your flood lights for proper wiring procedure.

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Finishing of installing. After wiring is complete, attach the box wires on outdoor flood light fixtures cover. The metal sheet face on the wall switch. At flood light box, Run a bead of silicone caulk around the perimeter. Install bulbs in the fixture. Circuit breaker and your flood lights is ready to use. Don’t forget to try it.!