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Semi flush ceiling light – Semi-flush lighting fixtures with globes range from somewhat separated from the fixture base chandeliers with versatile globes that hang as much as a few meters from the base of the luminaries. This will save time and aggravation. Set the light switch for the old valve to the off position. Place the ladder under the old fixture. Tighten the screw that hold the world on the old lamp with a screwdriver and remove the world and globes.

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Install semi flush ceiling light; locate the screws that hold the lamp to the ceiling. Remove them, so the fixture hanging by the wires. Note the black wire from the fixture is connected to the black wire from the ceiling. The same applies to the white wire and the bare wire. Remove all electrical tape on the wire connections. Turn the thread nuts. Disconnect the fixture wires to the wires coming through the ceiling. Put aside the old fixture.

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Strip the wires of the new semi-flush lamp at least ½ centimeter of bare wire to expose, if necessary. Place the base of the semi flush ceiling light and secure it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Install the lamps, and then the whole world. Turn the light switch on.