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Exterior porch lights weather between its base and a home vinyl. Its special cut mounting fits tightly against the vinyl siding’s fins and delivers a flat, solid surface for light to mount on. A porch light connects to a switch operated, 120-volt outdoor lighting circuit. Many porch lights use energy efficient light bulbs and save electricity with motion detectors and timers.

Posted on September 28, 2022 Lighting Ideas

Turn off the porch light switch. Place a foam mounting blocks designed for exterior porch lights against vinyl siding beside the porch light electrical box. Track vinyl shape on the edge of the mounting block with a pen. Shape the vinyl siding side of the mounting block with a drywall saw, with the help of contour pencil mark as a guide.

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Outdoor Porch Lights LedSize: 2192 x 1320

Apply a bead of exterior-grade sealed to vinyl siding side of the mounting block. Pressure mounting block to vinyl. Turn the porch light black wire to the black wire in the electrical box. Cover the cable ends with a wire nut. Linda exterior porch lights white wire around the electrical box white wire. Spin a wire nut over the thread ends. Connect the uninsulated wire in the electrical box porch to the patio light grounding. If the patio light using a green-colored thread, pairs the green wire and the bare wire and lock them together with a wire nut