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Sidelight window treatments – window treatments on the window frame and closer to the ceiling will give the illusion that the ceilings are high they really are. The installation process is the same as installing treatments regularly, but you need to use a level to mark the holes support rather than eyeballing using the structure as a guide.

Posted on October 3, 2022 Lighting Ideas

Sidelight window treatments, measure 12 inches above the middle of the window frame and mark the spot with a pencil. It is acceptable to go higher, to within 2 inches of the ceiling if you prefer, but more and rod finials can scrape the ceiling. Use a level to mark with a pencil on the left and right of the window frame it is consistent with the brand. These are the places where the supports of the curtain are installed.

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Sidelight window treatments, drill a pilot hole through the three brands. Hold a mounting bracket each hole and install a screw through the bracket and into the pilot hole. Screw the curtains on the curtain rod. Raise the bar on the supports. Fix the curtains to fall what you want.

Simple Sidelight Window Treatments

Side Lights are thin windows lining each side of a door. Commonly they found in the front doors. Sometimes a homeowner is concerned about privacy because people can see inside the house through a side window. Adding sidelight window treatments through a side window, it helps provide the privacy you want.

Sidelight window treatments horizontal blinds are similar to regular blinds that are installed near the same way, they are just much smaller. Find sidelight blinds in your store home improvement. If you need a custom size that is not on display, ask a sales associate if you can order the size you need. There may be an additional charge for special order blinds.

Other option is curtains. Curtains sidelight window treatments come in many styles, colors and patterns. Or make your own sidelight curtains to save money. Take a panel of existing curtain; measure the width of the window, then cut the panel as required. Usually, you can cut the panel in the middle. Cut enough from the curtain, so it’s not too bunchy. Fold and sew a hem you in the short side, so that looks good. Buy a curtain rod designed for sidelight windows curtains.