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Island pendant lights have gained much popularity for use in the kitchen over the last few years. A common place to install them is more than an island or peninsula. One of the most frequent questions I see is how highly I hang them and how to space them out? Both questions can be answered in several ways and with every aspect of the design of the house there is no absolute answer or right.

Posted on October 4, 2022 Pendant Light

However there are some guidelines to use that can help you make the right decision. One consideration at height is with the equipment you choose, if island pendant lights has a base open and fitted to high, it can be very annoying look to light whole time. In the same way, the equipment is designed so that the top is not made to be seen, if it is set too low, it can be very unappealing.

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Spacing island pendant lights when there is more than one is a math problem a little. The most common mistake is to simply divide the space into even sections but it is not entirely true and I’ll explain why. Say your island is 60 “long and you have two pendants. General thoughts will divide the space into three parts even. It will give you every fixture 20” off the ends and 20 “between them. A better option would be 15 “off each end and 30” between them.