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A leaf ceiling fan relies on electricity to power the engine that turns the blades. Open the ceiling fan of the cable housing electrical called “box” to replace or repair it if the electricity does not reach the engine. The procedure is simple, requires the removal of the box and is similar for all brands of ceiling fans. The tools for the home will be needed, but no measures of security necessary power.

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Place the leaf ceiling fan housing on a work surface with the blades up. Remove the screws from the edges of the blades with a Phillips screwdriver. Strip pins depressions tabs attached to the motor housing. Place the blade aside.

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Turn the accommodation of the leaf ceiling fan new engine. Remove the screws from the sides of the metal pipe (“yoke”) at the top of the housing cover with a screwdriver. Extract the pipe out of the box. Remove the screws around the top of the housing cover with a screwdriver. Pull the motor housing with your hands. Motor strip bearing the post with your hands. Raise the rotor assembly of the top of the grooved metal plate or stator.

Lifting the pole to the bottom of the grooved metal plate outside the motor bearing.