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Led ceiling light fixtures – When we visit theaters, museums, art galleries or exhibitions we will see a lot of different lights illuminate various areas, the lights are all very different in size, brightness and color. Over the past few decades there has been a real awareness for the need to reduce the power consumption of the lamp, making them more efficient to use and more durable in their design.

Posted on October 2, 2022 Ceiling Fans

Many manufacturers are now turning to the production of lamps led ceiling light fixtures and provide a larger market than the low-powered lighting for a variety of consumer markets. Fitting low energy are now the only kind of fitting that retailers will stock in their stores.

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COB technology is the latest advance in technology lamps led ceiling light fixtures .They are very bright and low energy consumption, using only 5 watts and because of this lower heat output of the lamp, which has its own advantages. They have the same output as 50watt GU10 halogen bulb. How energy efficient led ceiling light fixtures? Lumens measure the efficiency of the lamp and divided by watts, the lamp that is 100 percent efficient in transferring energy into light has an efficiency of 683 lm / W. The color temperature of the ball palate been a major factor in obtaining the correct lighting of the area needed. The lights come in a variety of white, from warm white to daylight color.