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Pull chain ceiling light – Installing a ceiling fan is not to its own electrical circuit. In fact, well-fitted ceiling electric furniture, such as a standard ceiling light mounted can be connected to a ceiling fan rated box fan. In majority of cases even has a light with a pull chain also a wall switch somewhere. If that is not case, and there is no way to turn off light only by pull-string, fan you buy a pull string should as well (most do).

Posted on September 25, 2022 Ceiling Fans

Connect electricity to pull chain ceiling light on house circuit box. Remove screws from fixture to ceiling. Lower enough to separate it from wiring between light and electrical cabinet ceiling. Re check all wires into electrical box to make sure there is no power available. Remove light. You have three threads left hanging from box (black, white and bare copper).

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Attach mounting bracket that came with your ceiling fan to ceiling electrical box using supplied screws. Pull wire ends down around bracket so they are still accessible. Copper ground wire from ceiling box around green grounding screw on mounting bracket twist and turn.

Bear on ladder without paddles. Connect white and black wires to hold together fan to corresponding wires of electrical box, through threads, and turning of a nut thread around both. If fan has an additional blue wire, with an enclosed light, turn blue wire with black ones. Fan lift to electrical box and screw holes on fan hood to those on a mounting bracket line up. Insert supplied screws. Install paddles. Turn on power and test your pull chain ceiling light.