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Landscape lighting – A truly beautiful backyard is fun any time of the day or night with the installation of some low voltage lighting. Lighting is often used as decorative as it is useful, and, with some careful planning and a little creativity, light placement transform a garden at night.

Posted on October 22, 2022 Home Lighting

Many gardens have a clear central function, and during the day there is no doubt about the focal point in the garden. The same should be the case at night. Focus some low voltage landscape lighting on what creation is the central point of the garden. For fountains and ponds, the underwater illuminate not only decorative aspects of the water feature setting, but also fish, turtles and other aquatic animals. For holders or gazebos, hide the light in the surrounding leaves or inside the structure. Also highlight a stone statue, birdbath or retaining wall, place lights strategically in trees or shrubs to create a mysterious look.

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Use strings of landscape lighting to highlight and outline walkways, stairs, benches and edges of terraces and decks. The beauty of decorating with lights, whose sole purpose is for you to see it during the night is that you do not need to do it overwhelming desire; guests do not have to read by the light, and even the softest of light is easily seen in the dark night. In line walkways, choose garden lamps with a light source that you can aim down the path; The goal is to cover the entire path with the same strength of illumination to place lamps appropriately.

Design Landscape lighting In Garden

A landscape lighting created and designed from the sunlight has endless possibilities. The various proposals evening, artificially illuminated, too. Thus we can understand light as a conformation more landscape. In designing outdoor spaces, whether private gardens or public green spaces, projective proposal is, in most cases, based on the daytime. Then with the defined project, you think artificial landscape lighting to sustain that landscape in the nighttime. This type of project is outdated, incomplete and inefficient since it underestimates the use of nocturnal spaces losing the opportunity to fully develop.

To provide students with the basic and fundamental to understand and develop this complex discipline that is the lighting design tools. This course is structured understanding Enlightenment from the morphological. The landscape lighting is based on the technical verification, through the lighting calculation and Morphology understands design as the study of the ways that projects light, its abstract structure suited to his support, color, quantity and creative factors.  In this way, we can understand that Enlightenment is a design problem and not just a technical problem. Thus, we can create infinite night landscapes in the same space, because light gives them their existence and because light is the landscape lighting