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Drum light fixture shaped fashion again. The drum-shaped screens are a good choice for any lamp in room lighting provide adequate, since the light from the lamp is reflected both to the ceiling and to the sides of the screen and down. Determines the size of the drum-shaped screen you will create. The lower and upper rings must be of the same diameter.  Stretch fabric covered styrene on a flat surface. Using 24.1 cm of an edge of styrene and then measures 147.3 cm long around the edge.

Posted on October 23, 2022 Light Fixtures

Cut the piece of screen carefully with scissors. Place a line of glue on top of the total reverse side of the screen for drum light fixture. Place the upper ring in place on the edge of the screen on the line of glue. Wrap the screen around the top ring and hold it in place with clips for hanging clothes as you wrap.

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Large Drum Light FixtureSize: 1600 x 1067

Black Drum Light FixtureSize: 1303 x 1011

Blue Drum Light FixtureSize: 1024 x 804

Drum Shade Light FixtureSize: 1396 x 1040

When you reach your starting point of make drum light fixture, add a little glue and put another clip at this point to set it right. Separate the vertical seam carefully screen and attaches a line of glue inside the edges. Press the seam with your fingers until you’re sure that the seam will not move while dry.