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Deer antler chandelier – Wooden chandeliers are a natural way to decorate your home. Use as many lights as you want in this easy to do antler chandelier. Buy a chandelier lighting kit, which is used for wiring the chandelier. Make sure you have enough adapters’ bulb. Obtain wood. You can buy these or find them in a deer you killed. The wood must be of the same size.

Posted on October 13, 2022 Chandelier

Deer antler chandelier, clean the foliage thoroughly. Use oil soap and clean the exterior and interior of the wood with a cloth. Exercises a hole in the end timber. This will be the point used to keep the bulb and the adapter. With a brush, coat the wood with polyurethane. Let the wood dry completely. Repeat as necessary. This will increase the durability of the wood.

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Deer Antler ChandelierSize: 994 x 806

Participate bought the deer antler chandelier. You only need the basic structure, as you will gather the wood for the chandelier. Connect the bases of branches. The wood can be on a flat surface during this operation for easy connection. Then drill holes in the sides of the branches. Run the wire through the holes with your hands. This will make a wooden circle, which is needed to create a chandelier. Tighten the cable and then solder them together.