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Rustic dining room lighting – You shall have already realized that lamps.  We love the lighting rustic, we talked about it on several occasions and I have proposed some of our models for lighting warehouses. We have also discussed major lighting brands specialized in style rustic. In this post we will talk more of this style in general and trying to give you some idea that you can help choose lighting that you like.

Posted on September 28, 2022 Home Lighting

Rustic dining room lighting how the name suggests is inspired and reminds us lamps. It is a country style but not only we can apply to homes located in the middle of the mountain with a garden, but if you like the rustic style there are many decorating options which can be applied to any space , even in our small apartment in the center of the city. We just have to look for furniture that we like and combine them with the perfect lighting.

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On the first impression rustic dining room lighting style is cozy, I personally evokes a quiet day at home, a morning walk, a meal with friends and family or a relaxed evening in the lounge. The colors predominate in this style are earth colors, brown, wood, aged white but always does well a touch of vibrant color, like red, orange, blue, etc. Something very characteristic of this style are the walls of brick or natural stone, wooden beams and pickled furniture or doors. It is also true that currently the rustic style is heavily influenced by the Nordic style, not surprising since it is a very strong trend and that fit perfectly, adding furniture and textiles also in white.