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Mason jar Pendant Light -Mason jar style hanging lamp is a beautiful and unique accessory. It can be added as decoration in your living room or others. Brightly colored and whimsical style stood the test of time. The Pleiades is a mainstay because they are versatile. It can be used to hang in roof your home, but it can’t be used on a table or standing. However, the question that many people when working with Mason jar style hanging lamp is the question of what might be the high requirements.

Posted on October 18, 2022 Pendant Light

You may have seen Mason jar pendant light design hang out at your favorite restaurant lamps. Because this is the lamp shade itself makes for calming effect or more relaxed because the semi-penetration of colored glass. They are also very easy to tie in most any decors and matched with a variety of topics. It is very easy to use in your home and it can add a touch of flair and creativity to look out of your room.

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Chandelier suspended from the center of an area. For example, if you want to install the lamp hanging over the kitchen, it would be in the roof, centered by measuring the top table of the kitchen roof. Determine the appropriate height to hang lights. That is our article about Mason jar pendant light.

Making Mason Jar Pendant Light

Making Mason Jar Pendant Light – Mason jars evoke a sense of country charm and can bring back memories of drinking cold lemonade on a summer night or digging in homemade jam. These bottles have life beyond food storage and can create a decorative addition to a home. Instead of coating the shelves with old glass jars, convert lamps hanging from the ceiling.

To making Mason jar pendant light unscrew the lid of a mason jar. Place it on a work surface such as a table. Create a hole in the top about 1 inch in diameter hitting a thick nail or chisel through the center.  Run the cable from a kit hanging lamp through the hole at the top for the final time, pulling him through enough so that the top of the cap light touches the bottom of the cover. Screw a light bulb into place making attachment. Use an appropriate power for your specific kit.

Lift the lid and insert the bulb into the Mason jar pendant light. Screw the lid in place to complete a slight slope. Place a plate ceiling light between two wooden blocks support. Drill a hole for each Mason jar pendant light, evenly spaced across the plate. Pull each cable hanging lights Mason jar through a hole in the ceiling light plate. Knot each wire at the top of the plate to prevent falling through.