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A gooseneck floor lamp is a type of lamp that is usually placed on the desktop. It is different from a traditional lamp, for a long, flexible section connecting the lamp base to the area that holds the light. In addition, light does not include a removable screen. Rather, the entire lamp is made of one piece.

Posted on September 19, 2022 Lamp Ideas

This type of light is particularly useful for those who need to adjust the focus of light. Unlike a floor lamp that light shines only in a direction, a gooseneck floor lamp can be bent and manipulated in order to shine the light in different directions. Then the light can be easily replaced to its original position no longer serve.

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A basic gooseneck light comes with only a light attached to the base. It is, however, possible to acquire a lamp over a light attached to the base. In this case, each light is connected to its own flexible section, so that the user can choose to shine lights in the same direction or in different directions. See some image of gooseneck floor lamp for your home.