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Low profile recessed lighting – Recessed lighting looks nice bathroom environment, regardless of room size. Of course, if you install them in a small bathroom, you will not want so many that their light is overwhelming. Install lights over sink or vanity. Or use them over bathtub area and shower. They look especially nice a hot tub or Jacuzzi tub. If recessed lighting is your bathroom only lighting, it looks best installed around room’s outer edges not in middle.

Posted on October 28, 2022 Home Lighting

With so many lighting choices for kitchen-including table, island, countertop, cabinet and ceiling lighting – low profile recessed lighting must be just one source among many. Install recessed lighting over Kitchen Island. Place two or three lights in a row in middle of disc, or hit island by placing lights in a rectangular pattern on ceiling. If you already have your heart set on pendant light in Kitchen Island, install recessed lights around perimeter of kitchen cabinets.

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One of best places to install low profile recessed lighting in a bedroom is walk-in wardrobe, especially if closet is big enough to be a locker room. Lights keep cabinet also displayed brightly lit and seem not to draw attention to themselves in a small room. Another bedroom option: install recessed lighting in ceiling to bed. Problem is, of course, to rearrange furniture would make room look off balance. Install recessed lighting around bedroom. You can also create a square-inside-en-square pattern, place candles around room once and then again inside first set of lights.