Replacing A Pull Chain Light Fixture Switch

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Pull chain light fixture – Starting with buy a new pull chain light fixture switch. Ensure safety first. To avoid the seriously injured, be sure to cut the power fed to the equipment out on the field box or breaker, fuse box, or what have you. The best way to prevent electric shock, is to cut the power source before you cut and strip the wires. Remove the old pull chain fixture. You will notice that the pull chain through a brass cap. Take such a cap by simply unscrewing it. When you finish doing this, the bottom of the pull chain to be exposed.

Posted on September 20, 2022 Light Fixtures

There are two cables connected to the pull chain, one of which is directly connected to the wire feeding power to the armature, and the other is connected to the light or the fan, as the case may be. Disconnect the two wires from the pull chain, loosen wire nuts connect them to pull chain. When you are able to do this, pull chain switch simply fall off. Install your new pull chain light fixture. Remember the two wires connected to the old switch? Two ways to do this depending on the pull chain switch, you buy.

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First, just connect the exposed part of the threads on the thumb screws of the pull chain light fixture switch, if that’s the case. First, directly connect the wires to the wires extending from the switch. In either case, it does not matter which wire connecting to what wire. All that matters is that all wires are properly connected and wrapped with tape to prevent short-circuiting. Tuck the wires on the inside part of the fixture. Then pull the chain through the hole in the brass cap. Put the cap back to the fixture by unscrewing it.