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Schonbek chandelier – It all started in Bohemia, which is considered to be the source of some of the finest crystals in the world. A young man then began Adolf Schonbek having walked away from his family business of glass works his own small business in 1870. Schonbek started fag end of an era that saw romance and candlelight dinners go hand in hand. In such a period, the ornate crystal chandeliers that are owned and exhibited by wealthy families. As a result Schonbek chandelier found several buyers and lovers of fine crystal chandelier.

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Schonbek chandelier was not known because it was made ​​of crystal, but because of the intricate craftsmanship that went on to create such beautiful designs. In 1870 had a new era began, the story is written and Adolf Schonbek created a fantasy that has lasted a century and is still considered one of the best ever in the crystal chandelier industry.

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Schonbek ChandelierSize: 1002 x 900

Schonbek chandelier has been so successful that many people have tried imitating design. In 2007 bought Swarovski, a leader in the production of fine cut crystal Schonbek. It’s like two Titans working together, bringing a new mix of creativity, potential and crafts and to the world of crystal chandelier fashion.

How to Clean Crystal Schonbek Chandelier

Crystal schonbek chandelier is elegant and expensive. Using the wrong routine cleaning can easily lead to damaged glass. Use a safe cleaning routine that removes all dust, dirt and build spider and let the piece as new. Schonbek crystal clean one or two times a year.

Instructions to clean crystal schonbek chandelier: put on a pair of white gloves to prevent fingerprints on the glass transfer. Place towels under the spider to catch any glass that could fall while cleaning. Gently brush a feather duster on the spider to remove loose dust. Be very careful and take your time.

Fill the sink with warm water and soap, if dusting alone does not eliminate any accumulation of the spider. Remove the glass one at a time, following the cutting guide, so you know how to reassemble the spider correctly.

Wash the glasses in the soapy water and rub gently with a lint-free cloth to get any residue. Rinse and dry the glass with a clean lint-free cloth. Reassemble crystals schonbek chandelier according to your cutting guide.