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Painted basement ceiling -Basements are not just for storage anymore. Many homes are finishing their basements and using as family room, laundry room, gym or playroom. Once your finished basement needs painting. You will have to start with roof first. Remove any furniture that is in basement and set a cloth on floor. likelihood that you will start dripping paint from ceiling is high. These precautions will keep you from ruining everything in room.

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Use masking tape to separate edges of wall from ceiling. This will ensure that you get even a nice with lines on edges of your ceiling. Pour some latex paint inside house on a flat pan. This painted basement ceiling of house will probably be white from a ceiling, but feel free to use whatever color you want. Add an extension to roller and then dip roller in paint. Get paint on all sides of roller and then wipe excess in a second flat pan.

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Begins its roll rolling on ceiling from center. Work your way to edges. Do not go to edges. You can improve edges with a brush after you finish with roller. When painted basement ceiling with roller you want to make an X. Make a diagonal line and then cross it with another diagonal line. Continue doing this until all but paint edges of ceiling. Paint edges with a brush. You will have more control. Let paint dry and then add a second layer if necessary.