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Solar lights for deck posts – Your outdoor deck is a place for family and friends to gather, relax, tell stories and share meals. After sunset, proper lighting turns the deck into a warm and inviting place. Lights illuminate the doors and stairs for safety. You can also use candles to decorate the walls and deck railings. Accent lighting is an inexpensive way to give the tire a romantic glow. Shine lights on your deck to keep your party, conversation or cookout go all night.

Posted on September 16, 2022 Lighting Ideas

Install line of low-voltage solar lights for deck posts. Low voltage lights are less harsh on the eyes. Hang lighting over each table on the deck. This helps visitors see the table, as well as each other. Place the light of the sun on your deck posts or railings. During the day, solar lights absorb the sun’s energy. At night the absorbed energy driving lights. These are ideal for saving money on energy bills.

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Hang strings of white or colored lights on the deck rails. These lights add a festive, cheerful accent to outdoor parties. Install security lighting on or under the stairs and through doors. Unlit stairs are a security risk, because someone could fall and sustain serious injuries. Put security lights around the pool or hot tub if you intend to use it when it is dark. Hang accent lighting on the tire walls. Some accent solar lights for deck posts display interesting patterns on the deck floor. Attach a lamp to illuminate the deck to barbecue if you like to cook at night.