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Outdoor low voltage lighting – Landscape lighting low voltage outdoor uses existing electrical outlets to allow quick and easy set-up without the expense of hiring an electrician. These lights are available in kit form and consist of a transformer, which is used in the step of household electricity to 12 volts, photocells that turn lights on and off, and installation hardware. The light output is sufficient for lighting driveways and roads with minimal power consumption walking. These same types of lights are available as solar powered using any wiring at all versions. The lights are mounted on stakes that push against the ground, while a solar cell on the light keeps the battery charged and a photocell turns the lights on and off. Low voltage lighting is also available for mounting on poles or flushes deck with a covered area.

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Systems outdoor low voltage lighting offer greater energy efficiency standard lighting arrays 120 volts. Not only they burn less electricity per kilowatt hour, but also allow precise brightness adjustment using attenuates. Relative efficiency, According Lighthouse landscape lighting, lighting systems use low voltage only 12 to 24 volts of electricity, compared to a standard incandescent lighting system that requires 120 volts. This is done by using a transformer that converts the mains voltage of 120 volts to a low voltage output.

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Other benefits use outdoor low voltage lighting is the greater efficiency of a system of outdoor low voltage lighting allows homeowners or businesses Owners leisure to run their lights for more hours each day. This advantage not only provides more comfort for passengers, but can also help discourage thieves through a more consistent use of outdoor lighting.