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Motion Sensor Light Outdoor – Motion-sensing lights automatically turn on the light when motion is detected. In case of failure, you may need to replace the lamp. Cord Setup outdoor motion sensor light similar to wiring a normal, non-motion detect light. Many jurisdictions and municipalities require any permanent lighting should be filled by an electrician. Check codes for specific licensing requirements before work

Posted on October 4, 2022 Lighting Ideas

You need: wire nuts and Screwdrivers. Instructions to rewire motion sensor light outdoor: one, Turn the power switch off at the main panel. Two, test existing light by turning it on at the switch, turning the light is “Test” mode and create movement. Test mode is likely the game itself. Test mode allows movement testing in daylight. When you are sure that the circuit is turned off, remove the existing fixture and discard. Unscrew it from the junction box plate with a screwdriver, wire nuts.

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Three, Connect the black wire to the sensor the black Hot house wire. Turn the new wire nuts. Connect the white sensor wire to white Neutral house wire. Connect the green house Ground wire to the green ground screw on the match with a screwdriver. The screw can be labeled “Grnd ‘or similar. Four, Attach the new lamp to the wall using the supplied screws and a screwdriver. Be careful not to snag any wires between the lamp housing and wall junction boxes housing. Turn the power switch again and test. Tips and Warnings to rewire motion sensor light outdoor: Keep openings sensor bottom facing down to avoid water infiltration and a possibility of electric shock.